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driveway paintingIf you are serious about making the exterior of your home look more attractive, it is important not to neglect the driveway and pavement areas. Today there are so many options available to decorate the surface of your driveway. Other than installing bricks or concrete slabs, a smooth, painted concrete driveway can enhance the value of your property, and create a durable surface for your driveway. Choosing the right paint that compliments the house design is an important factor. In addition driveway paint can be put to great effect in covering any current defects in the driveway, for example any holes and cracks or uneven surfaces and discoloration.

Apart from the aesthetic value, driveway paint helps protect the surface from harmful effects of deep-seated dirt, oil, and grime. For this reason, concrete driveway paint is made available for all types of driveways, like the asphalt and concrete driveways.

For asphalt driveways, it is said that acrylic, coal tar, water or oil based driveway paint may be used for asphalt paint. On the other hand, epoxy or linseed oil based driveway paint may be utilized in painting a concrete driveway.

Driveway PaintAn acrylic driveway paint is made of synthetic chemicals, acrylic and polymers. This type of epoxy concrete paint is available in a wide array of colors. It is the kind which is most apt to repel sunlight, oil, gasoline and other coatings and substances that are usually applied to or absorbed by the driveway’s surface. An acrylic coating also enables easy application. It can last for a very long time. Because of these features that an acrylic driveway paint has, it tend to cost a little more compared to the others.

A coal tar driveway paint is made of coal tar, polymers, clay, and/or sand. Like an acrylic driveway paint, coal tar may be used on driveway surfaces that are frequently exposed to sunlight, oil, gasoline and other elements. It also has the same substance- repelling feature that an acrylic paint has. An advantage of using coal tar is that it is cheaper compared to acrylic.

concrete driveway paintWater-based and oil-based driveway paints are likewise great for driveway painting projects. They are easy to apply, and dry quickly. They are also available in many colors like an acrylic paint; however, they do not cost as much. Both are made of the same substances that a regular paint contains. Oil-based driveway paint however has petroleum in it, which makes this paint longer lasting than water-based paint.

In addition to the common features of other paints, an epoxy driveway paint may prevent the concrete driveway from cracking due to changing weather conditions. On the other hand, a linseed oil-made driveway paint also provides an effective and durable coating that resists natural and artificial elements that fall on the concrete driveway.

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